Catignano is surrounded by an extensive network of roads ideal for moving in silence. Car noise is a rare annoyance, and pedaling along these roads is a total immersion in the peace and tranquility of a pristine landscape in the company of the elements.
Cycling or walking through this countryside is satisfying in itself, but it becomes an even more unforgettable experience when the ride is combined with a thermal bath, a wine tasting excursion, or a chat with a farmer.

Such a varied landscape is bound to offer a wide variety of roads leading to something for all tastes: paved roads, country roads (here known as “strade bianche”) or mere trails.
Here the landscape is essentially hilly, although gentle slopes tend to prevail over long, steep inclines. This means there are itineraries for amateur cyclists, for families with children, just as long as they avoid traveling afar, and well-trained athletes can find a challenge too.

Itinerary 13

Badia a Cerreto, Catignano, Casa del Buonriposo, Varna, Catignano, Fattoria Fogneto, Badia a Cerreto.

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Length: 15,1 km
Total gradient: 360 m
Times of route: by foot h 3.30', by MTB h 1.15', by horse h 2

Itinerary 14

Gambassi, Cambialle, Rio Pietroso, S. Adele, Pieve a Chianni, Gambassi.

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Length: 10,3 km
Total gradient: 283 m
Times of route: by foot h 2.30', by MTB h 1

Itinerary 15

Gambassi, Luiano di Sotto, S. Lorenzo, i Bollori, Poggio S. Anna, Gambassi.
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Length: 8,0 km
Total gradient: 331 m
Times of route: by foot h 2', by MTB h 1