Florence ~ 58 km
It is an extraordinary beauty Renaissance art city, rich of monuments (like Michelangelo’s “David”) and museums. The most important is “the Uffizzi Gallery”. Unforgettable a walk from Ponte Vecchio to Palazzo Pitti.

Siena ~ 46 km
It is the Palio city, with its districts and its squares, the churches and medieval buildings. Sole for the beauty of Piazza del Campo, where on the 2nd of July and on the 16th of August, every year, is run the famous horse riding. Here you can discover the magic and the interlacement of alleys that hide less famous but very charming and rich of history beauties.

Pisa ~ 74 km
It is a fascinating university city, characterized by the famous Torre Pendente in Piazza dei Miracoli and famous for its romantic “lungarni”. Piazza dei Cavalieri is very nice too. It was born from a Giorgio Vasari’ idea and it accomodates the homonymous palace, centre of the “Scuola Normale” and of the National Museum “San Matteo”.

Vinci ~ 28 km
The city of Leonardo (rendered still more famous to the great public from Dan Brown's novel). Here you can visit the “Leonardiano museum”, in the beautiful castle of Conti Guidi (XI-XII), which represents one of the wider and original collections of engines and models of the inventive, technologist and engineer Leonardo.
Rich of interest are also the "House born of Leonardo", in Anchiano and the "Leonardiana Library"

S.Gimignano ~ 19 km
It is an old medieval village characterized by the magic of its stately towers. The II° century Piazza della Cisterna is remarkable for its beauty with the old central well. Here you can visit the museum of Medieval Criminology too.

Certaldo ~ 7 km
It’s Giovanni Boccaccio native town and it has etruscanIn the old town, placed on a higher level than the new, you can visit the poet’s home with the library where there are all the editions and all the tranlations of the “Decameron”.
In “Certaldo Alto” you can visit the Palazzo Pretorio with Benozzo’s frescos.

Volterra ~ 30 km
It’s a jewel of etruscan and medieval art, characterized by the alabaster artisan manufacture, made with passion and love like old times, in the typical shops in the old centre. Here you can visit the etruscan archaeology museum “Guarnacci”.

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